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About Us


Brief description of our key turning points


In 2004 Solar techno spread plc started operation working with Ethiopian Rural Electrification Fund to electrify 350 rural households in Yirgachefe area. Addressed rural households to access clean and modern solar energy with the support of World Bank Fund.
In 2007-Establsihed Ethio-Dutch Business plc which was a joint venture with GiraMundo BV from the Netherlands to promote solar Energy in Ethiopia with the support of Netherlands Government.
In 2012 Tigist Tadese Import was founded as a sole proprietorship firm in Ethiopia. Working with Amhara Credit and Saving Institutions, Omo Micro Finance, Peace MFI, and Vision Fund MFI. We address hundred thousand rural households, number of NGOs, schools, health clinics, and others to get clean energy from solar technology.
In 2019 TTAW Trading was launched to upgrade our service in import, assembly, project works, online business and so much more.

Aiming at expanding the accessible and efficient supply to the demands, we are building manufacturing industry that will produce and assemble solar energy products locally.
Currently, we are working with different domestic and international NGO projects and to provide solar energy to the less privileged grassroots communities, focusing on problem solving issues.
Beside the product import and distribute, we transport your orders right to your door steps.



Our mission is to provide innovative solar technology products that positively transform the life of our customers and deliver social and economic value to our employees and partners.


Our vision is to be reliable solar products provider while delivering a wider range services. We always aspire to increase our business horizon in Ethiopia and East Africa.

Core Values

Honesty, Accountability and transparency, Quality, Integrity, Maximum customer satisfaction, Effectiveness and excellence, Professionalism and responsibility